War on waste: Strawberry farm saves fruit from being dumped

Meet LuvaBerry! A Moreton Bay Region Queensland farmer is waging her own war on waste and saving strawberries from being thrown away because they fail to meet the look the supermarkets want.

Mandy Schultz started by tackling waste on her family farm, freezing and freeze drying second-grade fruit that would otherwise be thrown out and selling it online.

Adrian and Mandy Schultz, from Wamuran Queensland, say strawberries are such a perishable fruit, and every time it rains they have so much good quality fruit that has to be thrown out as it has slight damage, and no shelf life to send into supermarkets.

LuvaBerry turn rejected strawberries into dried products as well as frozen strawberries so that their damaged but still deliciously edible strawberries are not thrown out.

Visit their shop at www.luvaberry.com.au


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