Olympians and Special Athletes Team Up to Dive into Charity at Sydney CBD Pool Event

In a remarkable display of athleticism and community spirit, Olympic champions and Special Olympians made quite the splash at the Andrew Boy Charlton Pool in Sydney’s bustling CBD, all in the name of charity. The event, aptly named the ‘Splash’ challenge, was held on October 19th and saw the likes of Olympic swimmer Daniel Kowalski, bronze medallist Matt Abood, and Australian water polo stalwarts Nathan Power, Nicola Zagame, and Thomas Whalan, join forces with Special Olympians to champion inclusivity and raise vital funds.

Special Olympics Australia, an organisation dedicated to enriching the lives of Australians with intellectual disabilities through sport, was the beneficiary of the fundraising event. The collective effort aimed to bolster community participation and uphold the ethos of inclusivity, ensuring that individuals with intellectual disabilities or autism are provided ample opportunities to thrive in sporting arenas.

Esteemed organisations such as the National Rugby League (NRL), KPMG Australia, and Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers were among the prominent supporters lending their weight to the cause. Their participation underscores a shared commitment to empowering individuals through the transformative power of sport.

Pierre Comis, the Chief Executive Officer of Special Olympics Australia, expressed profound gratitude for the overwhelming support received. “These events are imperative in supporting our mission of empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities or autism through sport,” he said, acknowledging the pivotal role such initiatives play in driving the organisation’s goals.

Since its inception in Australia in 1976, Special Olympics has been a beacon of hope, shattering the barriers of isolation for those with intellectual disabilities. While the dark days of institutionalisation are behind us, the organisation continues to seek the public’s support. The ‘Splash’ challenge serves as a testament to the power of community and the unwavering spirit of the athletes, both Olympic and Special, who together, strive for a more inclusive Australia.


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