Moffat Beach, Caloundra, Queensland

Moffat Beach is known for its vibrant little strip of alfresco cafes and restaurants full of chatty locals, classy accommodation and a famous surf break.

Protected from the winds by Moffat Headland, the beautiful swimming beach has a protected inlet however, caution is recommended as the area is not patrolled.

For surfers, Moffat Beach offers a perfect point break, it also happens to be the home of Australia’s longest running surf competition; The Ma and Pa Bendall Classic .

You can watch surfers ride along the right-handed waves out at sea, while the kids munch hot chips in the oceanfront playground.

Set off along the spectacular coastal walk that leads from Moffat Beach right around to Kings Beach and Bulcock Beach.

For adrenalin junkies there are plenty of activities to choose from, including jet skiing, skydiving and kitesurfing.

The suburb and beach were named after James C. Moffat, a chemist from Brisbane, who established a holiday house on Moffat Head in 1883.


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