Discover the Magic: Ignite Your Senses at Vivid Sydney 2024

Vivid Sydney, renowned as the Southern Hemisphere’s most illustrious festival of light, music, ideas, and food, has officially unveiled its 2024 lineup, setting the stage for an unparalleled 23-day cultural extravaganza from May 24 to June 15. This year, the festival is poised to explore the essence of what makes us human—dipping into the vast pools of love, kindness, compassion, and creativity.

John Graham, Minister for Jobs and Tourism, Minister for the Arts, Minister for Music and the Night-time Economy, emphasized Vivid Sydney’s role in showcasing the city’s vibrant culture and its impact on both locals and visitors. With record-breaking attendance in the previous year, the festival continues to be a beacon of cultural richness and innovation.

Gill Minervini, the Vivid Sydney Festival Director, highlighted this year’s theme, ‘Humanity,’ aiming to foster connections, ignite imagination, and celebrate creativity in the heart of Sydney. The festival sprawls across iconic locations including Circular Quay, the Sydney Opera House, and beyond, transforming the city into a dynamic canvas of light, sound, and taste.

A Dazzling Array of Lights and Colors

At the core of Vivid Sydney is the Vivid Light program, turning the cityscape into a mesmerizing exhibition of light art installations, 3D projections, and interactive artworks. Noteworthy is the global rainbow installation by Yvette Mattern, which will see beams of light radiating from Sydney Tower, painting the city in hope and unity.

The Sydney Opera House will once again be a focal point with its sails serving as the backdrop for the 2023 Archibald Prize winner Julia Gutman’s textile masterpiece, while other venues like the Museum of Contemporary Art and Barangaroo will host equally captivating displays.

Melodies that Connect and Inspire

Vivid Music, curated by Julian Ramundi, promises a city-wide celebration of sound, spotlighting a diverse lineup of artists and performances. From free concerts at Tumbalong Nights to the debut of the Machine Hall Precinct as a new music venue, the program is designed to resonate with the festival’s theme, connecting audiences through the universal language of music.

Ideas that Spark Innovation and Reflection

The Vivid Ideas pillar has expanded to include not only panel discussions and talks but also interactive experiences that challenge conventional perspectives. Highlights include ‘After The Fact,’ a nightly exploration of current affairs, and unique experiences like ‘A THOUSAND WAYS: An Encounter,’ designed to foster personal connections.

A Culinary Journey Through Vivid Food

Vivid Food celebrates the diversity of Sydney’s culinary landscape, with offerings like the Vivid Fire Kitchen, ‘A Culinary Canvas’ by Danielle Alvarez, and ‘Plates with Purpose.’ Each event not only showcases gastronomical delights but also emphasizes food’s role in human connection and cultural expression.

A Global Stage at Vivid LIVE and Carriageworks

Vivid LIVE at the Sydney Opera House and Vivid Sydney at Carriageworks are set to host an impressive roster of international and local artists, from the iconic Air to hip-hop legend Mos Def, offering attendees a wide range of musical experiences.

As tickets go on sale, Sydney braces for a festival that not only celebrates the city’s creative pulse but also reflects on the shared human experiences that bind us all. For more information, visit and immerse yourself in the vibrant heart of Sydney’s winter.


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