Club Corowa’s Charity Concert with Birds of Tokyo Sells Out, Supporting Mental Health Initiatives

In a remarkable fusion of music and philanthropy, Club Corowa, alongside the local mental health initiative The Fight is Real, has announced the sell-out of their charity concert featuring the esteemed ARIA award-winning band, Birds of Tokyo. Scheduled for March 8th, this event stands as a monumental kick-off for the Club’s 2024 Concert Series, showcasing a commitment to both exceptional musical experiences and the advancement of mental health causes.

Perth’s own Birds of Tokyo are poised to captivate a 600-strong audience at Club Corowa, with a significant portion of the concert’s proceeds earmarked for the Black Dog Initiative. This organization is at the forefront of mental health research, advocacy, and education, with a particular focus on tackling depression and suicide prevention.

Peter Norris, CEO of Club Corowa, shed light on the inspiration behind the charity concert, lauding local advocate Daniel Hateley of The Fight is Real for his dedication to mental health awareness and fundraising. “Inspired by Daniel’s zeal and the impactful work of his team, we’ve decided to contribute ten dollars from each ticket sale to the Black Dog Institute,” Norris explained. “Supporting The Fight is Real and, by extension, the Black Dog Institute, is a privilege that aligns with our community values.”

Additionally, the event will feature performances by local talents Empress + Aces, who will have the unique opportunity to open for Birds of Tokyo, further amplifying the community and charity focus of the evening.

The rapid sell-out of the concert highlights the strong support for both the cause and the artists involved, promising a night filled with stellar music, community engagement, and a concerted effort to support mental health initiatives. Club Corowa and its event partners have indeed set a precedent for integrating entertainment with meaningful charity work, making the 2024 Concert Series opener a noteworthy success.


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