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Welcome to Food Travel Leisure, your gateway to exploring the world’s most enchanting destinations with a taste of luxury and a spirit of adventure. Whether you’re seeking to indulge in the culinary delights of Italy, bask in the sun-soaked beaches of the Caribbean, or marvel at the cultural tapestries of Asia, we’re here to make your travel dreams a reality.

Personalised Travel Planning with Marilyn Brown

At Food Travel Leisure, we believe in tailor-made experiences that cater to your unique travel desires. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our in-house travel expert, Marilyn Brown. With over three decades of expertise in curating bespoke travel itineraries, Marilyn’s passion for travel and meticulous attention to detail ensure that every holiday booked is not just a trip, but a collection of memories to last a lifetime.

Why Book With Us?

  • Expertise: Tap into 30+ years of travel industry experience.
  • Personalisation: Custom itineraries crafted just for you.
  • Convenience: Stress-free booking with a personal touch.
  • Exclusive Deals: Access to special offers and exclusive discounts.
  • Full Service: From flights and hotels to tours and dining reservations, we handle it all.

Our Travel Services Include:

  • Flights: Economy to first-class, we find the best routes and fares.
  • Accommodation: From boutique hotels to luxury resorts.
  • Cruises: Sail the seas in style with our cruise options.
  • Tours & Excursions: Local experiences and sightseeing tours.
  • Travel Insurance: Protect your trip with comprehensive options.
  • Car Rentals: Drive the journey on your own terms.
  • And More! If you dream it, we can plan it.

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